Mixed-up Meanings

I’ve lived in the Philippines for the majority of my life, and I still suck at the Filipino language. True fact. Sad, I know. But true nonetheless.

The reason for this is that I grew up in a household where English was the main language. My mother’s family is Chinese and my father’s family are mostly based in the United States, so I had to speak English to them while growing up.

Other reasons are because I grew up in a region that had its own dialect and because, from primary school to high school, we weren’t allowed to speak in vernacular inside the campus.

Anyway, I’m fairly good at communicating in Tagalog as long as you don’t ask me to spell it. Because, for the love of all that is good and holy, I. Do. Not. Know. How. To. Spell. It.

I also mix up my words sometimes, which is why I wrote this post. My boyfriend and I communicate in a mixture of Tagalog and English (dammit, I almost wrote that as Tagalong, which is a type of Girl Scout Cookie and not a language at all) and there was a certain time he was really amused with one of my mix-ups.

One day we were talking about his tummy. I really like his tummy, it’s soft and bouncy and very fluffy.

One of my favourite hobbies is poking it with my fingers, or kneading it like a giant ball of dough, or putting stickers or googly eyes on it. I use it as a pillow when I go to sleep, I hide my face there when I’m embarrassed, and hug it to make myself feel better on bad days. The best part here is that my boyfriend always pets my head while I’m having playtime with his tummy. In short, my boyfriend’s tummy is a precious and important and helpful resource.

Moving on. We were discussing his tummy, and he asked me jokingly “What do you feel whenever you play with my tummy?”

I thought for a bit, and then answered “Kinikilig ako sa tummy mo,” which left him understandably confused. He asked me again what I said, and I repeated my answer. He then prodded further by asking what I meant, and I explained that whenever I was in contact with his tummy, I wanted to squeeze and bite it.

Then he started laughing and corrected me, saying that the word I was looking for was actually “gigil” or “nangingigil.” The words “kilig” and “kinikilig” meant feeling giddy in a way that’s usually associated with being in love. I argued that the two terms could easily be interchangeable as long as his tummy was the subject, so he laughed and agreed.

In my defense these words are incredibly similar…but I cringe at the thought of me getting these two terms mixed up for all these years. At least I have been corrected now!


Anyway, here are a few photos!

Chibi-style transmogrified Occult Girl from Summoners War. I drew her with my new pencil, new marker and new eraser!


A photo from when we were on the way to Pinto Museum. That’s my next photo blog! It’s picture heavy, so I’m taking my time editing it.


And Com2us loves me, so he has blessed me with my 6th Nat.5 mob – a water Desert Queen, same as JM’s!


Anyway, I’ll be ending my post here for now. Have a good day, everyone! See you guys next time!



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