Mid-week Ramblings 😦

Hey there. Welcome back to my little blog! What are you guys up to this week? For me, I’m taking it easy. I don’t have any work-related trips this week (YES 😍) so I’m catching up on my TV series and games and my studies.

I’m not going to re-enroll in law school until August, but I have signed up for an online supplementary law refresher course. The course is sponsored by Yale, so it ought to be good. We’re on our first week and I haven’t even finished half of the assigned readings yet. 😂

Meanwhile, here’s a week’s worth of my face. Notice that I don’t wear contacts, put on eye-enlarging makeuo or try to contour my face anymore? 😋 It’s because I’m trying to embrace my Asian looks. And because I’m always in a hurry now. HAHA.






Here are the marimos! Their names are Chewy and Fluff. โค JM and I will buy proper mini aquariums for them this weekend.


Bunny phone charms JM bought during the last time we had a date. 💖 We were drinking mint tea and a frappuccino to cool off after an afternoon at an art museum!



And of course I’m still playing Summoner’s War. Aside from Camilla, Veromos, Sigmarus and Charlotte, I have pulled two more Nat Five’s – Chiwu and my second wind Occult Girl. All I need is Verdehile!

My law school friends are also nagging me to play Dota 2 again although honestly I have all but forgotten how to play. I guess I’ll have to do some refreshers to play with them, but to be honest I now prefer watching rather than playing.

And in other news, my boyfriend and I are very excited for Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun&Moon (since we met because of Pokemon, after all)! 💕

Anyway, this is all for now. I’m going to post our Pinto Museum photos tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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