One Awesome Year Together

JUNE 16, 2016

Hi, guys! I guess you can tell why I’m writing today…it’s my anniversary with my boyfriend! *throws confetti* It’s actually our Best Friend Anniversary, but since we couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment we became a couple, we adopted it as our couple anniversary too. It’s also our twinnie birthday, so we’re celebrating three occasions in one day! 😀

I’m so happy because we’ll get to celebrate this occasion today. Since it’s a work day, we won’t get to spend the entire day together, but JM will pick me up after work and we’ll have a nice romantic dinner featuring xiao long bao. We’ll always have XLB  during anniversaries and other momentous occasions from now on, since it’s our favourite food!

We’ll have our real celebration this weekend. We plan to visit the ocean park to see sharks and hang out in the snow village. We wanted to spend the weekend swimming, but it’s Father’s Day on Sunday so we rescheduled instead.

I know my boyfriend will be checking my blog as soon as he wakes up, so I’ll take the opportunity to post this little appreciation letter for him to find here. 🙂

Good morning, my sleepy twinnie boyfriend! I knew you’d head here as soon as you get your hands on your phone, so SURPRISE! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 😍💕

I’m glad that we’re together, and I want to thank you for exerting so much effort to entertain and please me every single day. You make me so happy all the time, you spoil me with physical affection, and you give me everything I could ever ask for. You even learned how to cook for me! 😱

You are the most amazing match for me, because even though we’re on the opposite ends of the spectrum, personality-wise, we still complement each other’s characteristics and help each other improve.💝

You’ve taught me a lot of things such as being less reckless, being less impatient, and considering consequences before launching into action. I believe that you’ve influenced me for the better, and everyone comments on how I’ve become much nicer and happier ever since we became a couple. All thanks to you!

I know we still have a few misunderstandings due to our opposite personalities once in a while, but it’s actually funny when we think about what we argue about…like janitor fish. 😂 At least we don’t argue about big stuff! We can be noisy and silly or quiet and sleepy together, but still feel like we’re spending quality time with each other. We don’t need to do big things to entertain each other, because as long as we’re together we have fun, no matter whether we’re traveling or just going out for a cup of tea.

I’ll work hard to become the best girlfriend ever, and I’m going to do the best that I can to make you happy every day. I love you, my darling. Happy 1st Anniversary! 💖✨


But wait, there’s more! You may have been wondering why there are uncharacteristically few pictures. No worries, I didn’t forget! Here’s the photo blog section. Enjoy! 🐮

Morticia the Venus Flytrap, i.e. JM’s anniversary present! It’s still a baby. :’) I got him a marimo named Chewy! They’re our plant babies. ❤


Here are some photos from our anniversary! We were in a cute little cafe with the comfiest couch ever. We cuddled for a while and talked for hours. We also had xiao long bao for dinner! We ordered so many XLB that the server was shocked and had to repeat our order to make sure. 😂






And that’s it for now! Tomorrow we’re going to have another awesome date again because we miss each other so much and we’re trying to spend as much time as we can together. We’ll post updates soon!

PS: we’re going to merge/consolidate our blogs into one website soon, so watch out for that!

Thanks for dropping by! Have a good day. 😘


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