JM and I went to grab some bingsu at Seol Hwa Cafe this past Sunday, because we’ve done nothing but sleep all weekend and we deserved some sugar.

I originally wanted green tea patbingsu but it wasn’t available so I stuck to my usual flavour, which is strawberry (surprise, surprise). Boyfriend got brownie, because he likes chocolate. We also got a chocolate cake with marshmallow icing, which we didn’t even manage to halve.

While we were waiting for our treats to arrive, we snuggled and I told him all about boot camp. I told him that one of the icebreakers/warm-up games was called Eggvolution and I was still sore over the fact that I remained an egg throughout the game.

The game is funny. There are several stages – egg, chicken, dinosaur, Miss Universe and monk. You all have to start out as eggs, beat someone else in rock-paper-scissors to advance or ‘evolve,’ and then find others in the same level to fight with until you become a monk. I kept losing and stayed an egg until the game finished.

He hugged me and kissed my forehead. “That’s okay,” he said consolingly. “You’re my egg.”

“I…I’m an egg?”

Now, I love eggs but I’m not sure what I feel about being called an egg.

“Yup. You’re my cute, cute egg!”

And he kissed me again, which made me feel a lot better.

Finally, our desserts arrived! Here’s JM’s:


And here’s my strawberry bingsu!


The poor neglected cake in the background. The icing was way too sweet.


After our desserts we went to the arcade but we didn’t find any two-person shooter games. We went to the photobooth to take our millionth photobooth picture set instead.


Sorry for our derpy faces, but at least we’re still cute right?


Anyway, I’ll post the other things that we did during the weekend in my next post. Stay tuned for it! My other queued posts are also going to be uploaded one by one. 😀


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