Did You Know…

…that hamsters often kill and eat their own offspring? And when they do, they do it face-first. Brutal AF.

Don’t mind me, I’m just pretending that I’m eating one of my babies!

There are several reasons as to why they do this. Sometimes they have scent confusion. Sometimes, they have an inadequate water supply and will eat the young for moisture and sustenance. Yet another reason is because males can sense that the offspring is not theirs and will eat for revenge (not really, I said that to be dramatic–they still eat other hamsters sired by other males though).

This isn’t exclusive to hamsters though. Other rodents do this on a regular basis, and some animals such as pigs will also kill their young (i.e. if there’s a predator nearby and the piglet is squealing, the mother will kill Baby Pig to shut him up). But then, pigs are already metal af because they’re omnivores that will eat EVERYTHING. They’ll even eat human remains!

A-are you going t-t-to k-k-kill me, M-mama?

On the same vein, did you know that butterflies will feed on blood from a corpse if they need sustenance? That’s one more reason for me to avoid butterflies!

My favourite example of cannibalistic occurrences still goes to the sharks, though. They engage in what is called intrauterine cannibalism, which means that they establish dominance even in the womb by consuming their weaker siblings.

I ate my siblings in the womb! 

There are lots of types of cannibalism found in the animal kingdom. There’s sexual cannibalism, like what happens between spiders and praying mantises during mating season. There’s structural cannibalism, which takes size as a factor (for examples, chimpanzees will attack and eat infants). Then there’s also filial cannibalism, which intrauterine cannibalism and hamster face-eating both fall under.

Okay, I’m done for today. I had an allergic reaction due to the paint and adhesive fumes here in the office – they’re renovating – so I’m a bit dizzy and a little lightheaded due to my medication. I’m going to take a nap in a bit, but I hope my post entertained you!

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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