It’s Time for Some Dinosaur Trivia!

1. PALEONTOLOGY is the study of history of life based on fossils. It also incorporates other fields of science, such as biology, archaeology, and geology.

2. Most dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic Era!

3. Dinosaurs are grouped into two main factions based on their hip structure. There are lizard-hipped dinosaurs, which are called saurichians, and bird-hipped dinosaurs called ornithischians.

4. Dinosaurs lived for about 165 million years.

5. The Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in an era closer to us than to other dinosaurs.

6. Dinosaurs are heavy, so their skull structure had hollow parts to make them lighter.

7. Most dinosaurs were vegetarians. However, the first dinosaurs that appeared were largely carnivorous. Herbivores and omnivores came along later.

8. Most meat-eating dinosaurs had hollow, birdlike bones filled with air that made it easier for them to move faster.

9. Dinosaurs swallowed rocks to help them digest food!

10. The Megalodon is a huge prehistoric fish that resembles a shark (which makes it my favourite prehistoric creature) tripled in size.

…yes, I am bored as fuck. But at least you learned something, right?



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