Photo Blog – Happy Birthday to You Two!

I’m currently in that dead hour between departure times (yes, I’m traveling again…sigh) and I decided to blog. After all, what else is there to do? My boyfriend’s at school, my brothers are also attending classes, I used up my energy in Summoners War, my 3DS is out of battery, and my phone is about to die because I’ve been on Reddit all morning.

Hence, the impromptu blogging.

But hey, at least that means I’ll get some of my queued posts out of the way! *pops confetti gun* And my boyfriend has just uploaded a really long blog post and I can’t let myself fall behind. *competitiveness intensifies* Just kidding! 😛

My brother #2 and my aunt celebrated their birthdays last February, and my relatives and I went to a buffet near SM Mall of Asia called Vikings. I never really liked Vikings much (I prefer Spiral and Four Seasons) but this time it was fun, most likely because I was with my family and we were all laughing and talking the entire evening.

Here are some pictures! I didn’t bring a DSLR so these are from my phone. There are more pics from my brother’s Canon, but since this is just going to be a quick post, these will suffice.

Here we are in a partitioned-off area. It’s better this way because then you’ll get to sit beside your family and friends only and are separated from the other guests.


We had four tables and I was at the ‘kids” table. The youngest at our table is 16 but I guess compared to our older relatives, we’re still kids. I don’t mind though! We got to have our own conversations at least.

We wasted no time getting food. First off, nachos! Because nachos are the best appetizer ever. 😀 (Warning: all the pics here are only of my food. Yup, I ate quite a lot…sorry, boyfriend >.<)


Pizzas, beignets, fries with gravy and chicken skewers.


Sausage, mac and cheese, more pizza, more pastries, more fries. And quesadillas too!


Sushi and sashimi! I ate at least 5 plates full of these. *hides face in embarrassment*




At this juncture I was too invested in eating that I neglected to take pictures. But I had chow mein, roast beef, steak, grilled fish, dumplings, blinis, and more. I only took photos again when I slowed down for dessert.

Here’s my brother’s complimentary Vikings cake. He didn’t like it, so I ate it for him. 😛


Mint and bubblegum ice cream.


And different cakes and pastries. I liked the carrot cake the best!


The view of the sunset from my seat.


Yummy birthday cake from The Chocolate Kiss for my aunt!


And here’s my dad and brother trolling my mom. It’s the first time I’ve been reunited with my three brothers since…November? So I was pretty happy.


My watch stopped. *sad face*


Pictures from earlier that day.



Some nighttime snapshots while walking by the baywalk with Thea. Every time we’d be too full to eat, we’d slip outside the restaurant and walk the bay side from end to end. By the time we got back to Vikings, we’d be ready to eat again. 😛



Okay, that was a pretty mediocre photo blog, even according to my very lenient standards. But please bear with me for now, the moment I get home I’ll post more often…before I have to leave again. *facepalm*

I hope you guys enjoyed my post anyway!


2 thoughts on “Photo Blog – Happy Birthday to You Two!

  1. Looks delish! I wanted to try Vikings while I was in Manila but my boyfriend complained that it was too expensive and overrated lol. We did try one called Dad’s at SM Megamall.. it was cheaper, the food was okay and there were loads of choices. 😀

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