I Am Extremely Busy

Sorry if I haven’t been updating! There’s so much to write about, yet so little time. I’ve just come back from a seminar-workshop about the Philippine government’s national anti-drug plan of action, and now I’m leaving for Sorsogon for a week-long conference there.

Anyway, you can follow my Instagram here for more bite-sized updates. But for those without Instagram (or, just face it – too lazy to look) here’s a mini photo blog!

I took Pikachu on vacation with me to Coron, Palawan. Here he is having fun on the wall decor in our hotel suite.


Sunday this weekend, JM and I went for a scary movie/ice cream/tea/arcade games date. He snapped this photo of me and told me that this is the exact same angle he sees me. He must think I’m very short. </3


At the Starbucks in Gateway. He’s wearing my Metallica shirt! 😀 Except it’s his now, since it looks so much better on him.




Brothers and I at Manila Yacht Club. Nope, I’ll post pics of the yachts in a future blog post!


A chicken/veggie wrap I had for lunch a week ago. Yes, I’m officially starting to eat healthy.




Photobooth pics from the last time my twinnie and I had a date.


We watched American Poltergeist, because we love horror movies and had high hopes for it…which were consequently crushed. That was NOT a good movie at all, but good thing we were still able to entertain each other by making fun of it.


The bruises I get because my twinnie is a vampire~ 😛


My adorable boyfriend, of course.


And ending this post with a heart from both of  us! I didn’t wear contacts in this photo from last Saturday because my eyes are getting a bit sensitive and dry. >.<


Anyway, I’ll update soon! I hope you guys will have a nice weekend.



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