Who Would Have Thought?

I know, I know. I promised photo blogs (and they WILL be uploaded…sometime…this year…xD) but I’m too busy to wait for them to load. So I’m going to upload yet another text post for today.



I’m not feeling very well today.

But anyway, today I want to talk about my boyfriend. My cute, adorable, handsome, sweet vampire prince twinnie twin. That’s a long title right there, but it’s accurate!

Before we became a couple, we were best friends. And even then, people already assumed that we were together because we were so in sync with each other. We both wear black all the time, we have an inappropriate sense of humour, and people said we always had this unnerving thing in which we seemed like we were reading each other’s minds.

Guys I dated before would always complain about him. “You’re too close,” they said. “I don’t like it when you hang out or talk to him.”

I’d always warn them not to make me choose between them and my best friend, because I would choose JM without a second thought. Finding guys to date is easy – finding a best friend that’s also your soulmate is not.

Anyway, every guy I dated was jealous of him and threatened because of our closeness to each other. This is turn would cause me to retaliate and break up with the guy. I hate jealousy, I hate being restrained and watched, and depriving me of snuggles with my best friend is completelyΒ non-negotiable.

We had zero romantic feelings for each other the entire time, so it’s not as if they had anything to be jealous about, anyway.

We both started our ‘evil twin’ stage a few months after first establishing our best-friendship. Since we looked alike, we talked alike, thought alike and even dressed alike, we could fool people who didn’t know us into thinking that we were twin brother and sister, and we thought it was amusing. Plus, at this stage we already felt close enough that we actually felt like siblings.

I hang out a lot with my cousin Thea. One day, she and I were watching TV and I was trading voice messages with JM. She was looking at me and smiling and she said she shipped us. I laughed and told her not to be silly, we were only best friends.

“But you’re happier when you talk to him than when talking to (name of boyfriend at that time). I bet you’ll end up with him eventually.”

“Nope,” I answered confidently. “Not going to happen.”

“Wanna bet it on it?”

“Sure,” I answered.

And now I remember that she won the bet and I owe her 10,000 pesos. Damn.

We first started developing feelings for each other the moment he kissed me. We were in our usual hang out spot, snuggled together and talking. Then he suddenly got a small smile on his face, then he leaned in and kissed me mid-sentence.

I tried to talk afterwards, but I couldn’t form a coherent sentence, so we just kissed again.

And we never stopped after that! ^_^


It was like we went from zero romantic feelings to suddenly realizing that this person in front of you means everything to you, and it was funny because it took us so long to realize it. Once we accepted that we were in love with each other, we have been inseparable and I guess we never outgrew the ‘honeymoon phase’ like other couples usually do.

I know, it’s so random that I started talking about my love life all of a sudden, but we just spent the weekend together and I miss him a lot right now. I appreciate him a lot because he isn’t only kind and loving and sweet to me, he also teaches me quite a lot about patience and being less impulsive and reckless. We laugh a lot together, have inside jokes on just about anything, and we are never, ever bored together. Whenever we have disagreements, we make it a point to resolve the problem right away and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

All in all, a happy, well-adjusted and OP couple!

So, yeah. Classic best friends-ending-up-as-a-couple story right here.

For now, we’re just taking it easy and working on our careers and studies and focusing on being even more OP and awesome together. We have a lot of plans for the future, and I can’t wait for them to finally materialize.

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed my post for today.



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