Valentines Day Photo Blog

Hello, everyone! I promised yesterday that I was going to upload photos of my Valentines Day date with my boyfriend, and here they are! 😛

My twinnie twin JM and I were originally planning a weekend trip, but due to time constraints on my part, we had to retract our plans and meet up only on Valentines Day itself instead.

First, we had breakfast! We ate chocolates and drank extra-sweet frappuccinos. I had cotton candy flavour, and he got red velvet.

A selfie session follows, of course~

And then we went on with our date. 😛



More pictures!

We then proceeded to Solenad because we wanted to watch a movie. First, we walked around Nuvali and Ayala malls and grabbed some snacks like cucumber lemonade and my favourite panda-shaped chocolate biscuits!

Another picture while waiting in line outside the movie theatre. I guess we seem narcissistic, taking pictures of ourselves often. But it’s true, so…quits? 😀

We watched Deadpool, because we both like funny action movies with lots of explosions. It was fun because we got to snuggle while watching. The last time we watched a movie together was pretty terrible since we watched a horror movie but it was so unbelievably awful that we ended up napping inside the cinema.


We had pizza for lunch. We were debating whether to try that cute place with kiddie bento box lunches, but in the end pizza won out. I had spinach and mushroom pizza and a pepperoni stick, while JM had a Chicago deep dish slice and a pinwheel.

We took pics of ourselves while waiting for the food. 😀


After eating, we noticed that we were running into too many people we knew so we went back to Paseo. We grabbed some ice cream at Dairy Queen first because it was too hot, and then we headed to Moonleaf for tea.


While sipping tea, we watched Scream Queens, Brooklyn 99, and more episodes of The Idiots of the Internet, which we also watched while eating breakfast.

After we ran out of shows to watch, we played checkers, which is a game that shows how different our thinking processes are. JM thinks a lot before making a move, while I’m decisive and fast. It’s interesting how our different thought processes work with each other, though.

We also tried playing pick-up sticks, but apparently I am too impatient for that game. 😀


One last picture before leaving. 😛


We ended our day at Park #2 as usual, then we headed home. It’s too bad we didn’t get to fulfill our original plans, but we’ll get to do that next weekend anyway. And he told me that what was important was that we got to spend time with each other, even if we didn’t go somewhere new this time.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you had a nice Valentines Day too!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures. 😛 I’ll be in Coron, Palawan next week, but when I come back, my twinnie and I will head to Pinto Art Gallery and to MoA for the international pyrotechnics competition.

Til next time!


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