Photo Blog: Picnic Grove

Hello to all of you once again! As promised, I’m back with another photo blog. This time it’s going to be a little shorter than the usual because I’m rather busy right now, and I have to beat a deadline. But that’s all right because I live for situations like these. I work best under pressure, after all.

As stated in my previous post, my twinnie and I spent the weekend together and this is one of the places we visited. It’s called the Picnic Grove, and while it’s….well, a place where people go for picnics…it’s also a nice place to view the Taal Lake and is good for short hikes. There’s also a zip line, horse stables and a cable car (actually, we spent a lot of our time laughing at the people doing the zip line).

Here are our pics! I hope you like them.

As you can see, there were many other people visiting the Picnic Grove that day.



A pregnant cat that was sleeping on a ledge. We were rather concerned because she could roll off easily, but thankfully she seemed self-aware the entire time. I guess she just wanted to keep her distance from people.


The sun was setting, so we sat on one of the viewing decks and watched. There’s nothing quite as pretty as cotton-candy colours in the sky, after all!


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have hair this colour?


Anyway *coughs* I can’t let this post slide without….you guessed it. Our pictures! Haha.






We got hit by Solarbeam. *rofl*


And here’s one last pic of the view before I finish up here.


So there you have it. 😛 I’ve been pretty good with updating recently so I deserve a pat on the back. *pats my own shoulder*

I hope you guys are having a pleasant week so far!


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