Photo Blog – CBTL Crosswinds

After a few days of neglecting my blog…I still don’t feel like updating. Haha. But since I’ve just come back from an activity-packed weekend with my twinnie, I owe you guys a photo blog!  Don’t worry, I won’t spam all the pictures in one post, I’ll divide them per location for optimum readability. 😛

My twinnie JM and I spent the weekend in Tagaytay, which is a place I love with all my heart for several reasons: 1) awesome temperature 2) fog 3) good food and 4) sparse population. It’s a place that’s full of scenic spots and nice restaurants, but has managed to retain the pristine nature of its surrounding forests and bodies of water. 

I blogged about us visiting Sky Ranch a few months ago, so I guess by now you’d be familiar with how foggy the place is. 😛 This time we didn’t get to experience the fog (because we slept in til past noon every day) but it was still chilly and we were happy enough. 

We stayed at a cafe/BnB owned by a friend’s roommate, and our stay was pleasant. The cafe’s food was good, the ambiance was nice, and the staff was friendly.  We didn’t have any problems during our stay. 

Here are some photos of us in the coffee shop! We ate our meals there because it was convenient, but we came to like the food and the general atmosphere of the place. There are numerous artworks scattered around the venue as well.


Sneaky selfie by my twinnie while I stare out the window. 😛




Nope, I’m not sleeping.  Just drowsy. 😀


One of the things we ordered.  This was my pesto tuna pasta in tomato sauce. I also ordered chips and french fries, which quickly became my staple side dish.


My cat-loving boyfriend and a sleepy kitty. 


Obligatory twinnie pics incoming~


And a spot of sunlight hitting my face and making my real eye colour show through!


*cuteness intensifies*


Somehow I find it very embarrassing to be seen with my combo-wombo hair + glasses, but for some reason JM was asking me to please, please, please wear my glasses and comb my fringe down.  Being the utterly selfless individual that I am, I complied…for about 10 minutes. HAHA. 


Anyway, enough of that because obviously I won’t run out of photos of our faces any time soon. Here’s the REAL photo blog of one of our stops: Crosswinds. It’s a Swiss-themed village and it has several cafes and restaurants.  What attracted us the most was the windmill-shaped The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cafe.


We don’t really drink coffee, but we love tea and pastries  so we decided to stop by for some snacks!

Matcha green tea ice blended drinks + triple decker chocolate cheesecake. The staff was urging us to try a new product called the Oblivion Cheesecake and we laughed so hard at that name. Then we asked if there were peanuts, they said there was, and JM told me not to order that, because if I did that was how I’d end up. (I’m deathly allergic to peanuts.)

They mispelled his name  HAHAHAHAHA.



We’ve always liked taking pictures together even during our best friend prelude, so it’s no surprise that as a couple, this tendency has escalated even more.



JM thinks I’m a xiao long bao


*Jen is resigned to the fate of her hair/fringe*



So here I was, innocently/narcissistic-ally taking photos of myself…


…and finding a good angle…


…and then he pokes my cheek out of the blue.  He likes doing this.



Matching bag charms with my twinnie.  He showed his bunny keychain in his last post, so here’s mine! 



We climbed the windmill afterwards, but since it was such a nice day, we decided to take a walk.  Good thing we were wearing stomping boots because we had quite a hike ahead of us. 





And to end this post, here are more pics of our faces! YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH THE SELFIES, RIGHT?  HAHAHAHA HERE, HAVE MORE. 



And that concludes this post! I’ll be back with more pictures of our adventures soon. Have a great week ahead, everyone! Thanks for dropping by. 


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