Sick Days

It is 1:08 in the afternoon and I’m not feeling well.

I know that I just said in my previous post that I’ve been given a clean bill of health, but don’t worry.

This isn’t blood-related in any way. This is more of your mundane, everyday-variety influenza. Which, admittedly, is still not cool – although it is leaps and bounds ahead of my usual trifecta of nausea, nosebleeds and chest pain.

Right now I only have a low-grade fever, a remnant from my past two days of high-temperature suffering. I’ve gone through the back- and joint-ache stage, the throwing up, the chills, the cold sweating and the deliriousness. Everything has eventually plateaued and declined into this – just me being cold, with chilly hands and a vague headache.

So, why didn’t you just stay home? You might ask. That’s because, my friends, I would have withered away and died (not literally) if I did. I’m someone who prefers an active and stimulating environment. I would rather be at work, occupied and entertained, than laid out in bed playing games and eating Popsicles.

The only concession I make to this I-hate-staying-home scenario is when my twinnie/boyfriend snuggles with me, but since we don’t see each other on a daily basis, it can’t be helped.


A touch over-dramatic, I suppose, but that’s really how I feel. 😛

Soooo anyway, thank you for dropping by. TGIF and advanced happy weekend! 😀


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