Real Quotes from Real ENTJs that Prove that We are People, Not Robots

…and also proving that we ENTJs are the best. Just kidding! 😛

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Index, ENTJs are natural-born leaders. They have natural charisma and confidence, and they can project authority in a way that draws people together behind a common goal. Unfortunately, ENTJs only take up 2% of the population. They are also the rarest type among women, being only 1%.

This is how to recognize an ENTJ, as reported by Truity:

ENTJs are natural leaders, and often take charge no matter where they are. They typically have a clear vision for the future, and intuitively understand how to move people and processes towards that goal. They tend to approach every situation with the attitude of an efficiency analyst, and are not shy about pointing out what could be done better. For the ENTJ, their ideas are a foregone conclusion: it’s just a matter of time before they can move the players to get everything accomplished.

ENTJs are often gregarious, and seem to have an idea for how a person will fit into their grand scheme from the moment they are introduced. They are typically direct and may seem presumptuous or even arrogant; they size people and situations up very quickly, and have trouble being anything but honest about what they see. ENTJs are sensitive to issues of power, and seek positions and people of influence. They are characeristically ambitious, and often very engaged in their careers. More than any other type, ENTJs enjoy their work, and may even say that working is what they do for fun.

Because of this, more timid types often misunderstand ENTJs. I compiled these quotes from the Internet to convince you that we’re just normal people who are a teensy bit ambitious. 😀

I hope you enjoy reading. 🙂

1. People project far too much and don’t seem to understand that ENTJs LITERALLY say what they LITERALLY mean.

2. ENTJs don’t want to lead, they just don’t like other people leading.

3. When I can’t get teams to function rationally, I would rather exclude myself from the decision making and see what happens. A part of me indeed hopes that it becomes a complete disaster – because that is, for me, a kind of positive external feedback.

4. Keep up or get out of my way.

5. I’m almost always irritated at something, however I’m rarely angry. When I am, it’s very intense but very short-lived.

6. “I’ve been known to be cold and calculating, even when I don’t mean to. It’s not my fault, trying to fix and plan my life based on your mistakes and just getting right to the point.”

7. “Confrontation has never been a problem for me. It’s the easiest way to get a solution out of somebody, and I don’t care how uncomfortable confrontation makes them.”

8. The apathetic/blank expression that is plastered on my face as you are blubbering about your problem is not intentional. Honestly, my mind is currently hearing you BUT not listening because I am processing a solution to your problem in my head because I think complaining and crying is a waste of both yours and my own time. No offense. Tissue?

9. I don’t get why I can’t just tell people the plain, unvarnished truth instead of worrying about their damn precious feelings all the time. Seriously. Your feelings are just feelings and they’ll get better. The truth will remain.

10. “When searching for a romantic partner, if you cannot keep up with me intellectually, you will bore me and I will drop you for that reason alone.”

11. “People view me as cold and harsh. I am intimidating. Good, you should be intimidated by me. I like it that way, I will keep it that way.”

12. “I’m never emotional at all in front of people. If I am, something is seriously wrong. I view emotions as weaknesses and no one is allowed to see me weak without my permission.”

13. “When somebody says “it’ll all work out in the end” we both know that is illogical and doesn’t happen, however we also know that I tend to make things happen the way I want them to.“

14. “I hate it when you try to make a situation better but everyone misunderstands you because they think you are pushy but you really care but don’t know how to express it because people think you are an asshole.”

15. “I will always value success over personal or romantic relationships. No, that will not change as I get older. No, I will not find “the one” who changes my mind.“

16. “If you have no desire to deliberately improve your life, I have no compassion for your inevitable demise.”

17. “Q: What’s the difference between an ENTJ and a sociopath? A: An official diagnosis”

18. “I tend to not stay close friends with the same people for very long. If they don’t interest me or I have gotten to the stage where they have stopped interesting me, then I’ll leave and I’ll cut all ties to them. I know it seems really cold but I really can’t be bothered being around people who do the same thing all the time.”

19. “Even though I almost always seek to be the leader in a situation, I also know when I need to step back. I can recognize when someone else is better qualified and when I need to follow their orders.”

20. Demolishing any trace of emotion in my thoughts has never been a difficult thing to do.

21. When people wrongly try to correct me I usually immediately just go “No really, keep talking. It’s cute how you think you actually know more than me.”

22. People need to understand that when I’m “arguing” with you there are two possible reasons why I am doing so. A. Because it’s entertaining to push you to your limits. B. Because I already know I’m right and it’s fun to see you realise it too!

23. If you are rambling incoherently when trying to tell a story and I interrupt you with a “what is your point?” or other such pointed questions, it doesn’t always mean that I’ve lost interest in what you’re saying. I genuinely want to understand what you want me to get from your story, but you are doing communication wrong and you need guidance.

24. I always silently commend commercials and documentaries that manipulate and appeal to emotional responses, mostly because it often proves successful on “feelers.”

25. I’m good at things I choose to be good at, and there is literally no point in doing something if you can’t do it well and efficiently. So I’m good at a lot of things.

26. If you want an honest attempt at solving your problem, come to me. If you don’t want to fix your problem, then don’t.

27. I’m only social with people I see worthy of socialization. Otherwise, I need to be left alone and isolated from the stupid people that are only good enough to be my minions.

28. Every time I get put into a group, I just naturally start ordering people and commanding them to do things. I can’t help it, it NEEDS to be done efficiently, and they AREN’T being efficient.

29. If I decide you aren’t my equal, I feel no qualms in destroying and playing with your petty emotions.

30. I have dreams and hopes and ambitions, just like little kids. I also have strategies, plans, and timelines spanning from days, weeks, to years that I follow in order to achieve them.

31. There is only on person I trust on this earth. Me.

32. I hate when people assume I don’t understand how they’re feeling, just because I myself am not emotionally expressive. If anything, my analysis is more accurate than their own – more often than not just because I’m able to rationalize how and why they’re feeling a certain way.

33. I can’t help it if your feelings get upset.


6 thoughts on “Real Quotes from Real ENTJs that Prove that We are People, Not Robots

    1. Being logical and frank doesn’t always mean someone’s a jerk 😋 I’m like this and while it can rub some people the wrong way, they know that they can approach me for a no-nonsense evaluation or an honest opinion. 😊


  1. Well, I’m like this too, except point 29, because i think there’s no need to hurt somebody’s feelings on purpose, most of the time i hurt people’s feelngs but because i’m too blunt, Even if i take my time to search for the according vocabulary for that specific matter, it’s useless, everyyyybody huuuuurts…sometimes! hahaha hey, if you want to talk here’s my facebook account charlottecbiorg

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha i actually refuse to answer sometimes because i ALWAYS end up offending somebody. i don’t want to lie or sugarcoat, so i’ve learned that a tactical retreat is sometimes the best way. 🙂


  2. Wow. It’s like we are in sync. I’m a Nigerian and you’d be surprised with the loads of stupidity I have to deal with everyday. I keep laying out plans to change people’s mindset day by day but all to no avail or with little success. I can fit in to any situation and I drop out of relationships easily due to unnecessary emotional bs.
    Very sold post! I had to add it to my reading list!


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