Four in the Morning

“Why are you still awake?”

“I was asleep, but I woke up because I was so hungry.”

“Eat something then?”

“I caaaan’t, I’m on a diet.”

Disbelieving laughter.

“Jen, you do NOT need a diet. Skinny was not a good look for you.”

“I’m not trying to be stick thin, I’m just trying to fit into my old clothes.”

“You are doing this for clothes?”


“Fine. Do whatever you want. Let’s see how attractive you think you are when you look like a hug could snap you in half.”

“Don’t be mean.”

“There, there. So how’s life recently?”

“You stalk my blog, you should know.”

“Jen, you are an expert at deluging us with information without really disclosing anything. All I got was surface stuff. How are you REALLY?”

“You know everything about me.”

A sigh.

“Look, I don’t even know how old you are.”

I laugh. “Nobody does. It’s a game. Even my younger brothers are unsure of my age, isn’t that hilarious?”

“Or sad.”

It’s true. I’m at that ambiguous stage wherein I can look either like a teenager or someone in my twenties.

“It’s a game. I call it ‘I bet I can get away with lying about my age.’ And it’s been working for YEARS. My age depends on the person I’m asking. They’ll be like ‘Oh, you’re 23, right?’ and I’ll agree. Or ‘Aren’t you 25?’ and I’ll still agree. Hell, even if they ask if I’m 19 I’ll still agree. It’s fun, and it keeps people confused.”

“What if someone pulls up your birth certificate and calls you out?”

“Then I’ll congratulate them and admit my age. It’s not really a big deal.”

“Oh, Jen. Enough about that, how are you really? And answer me this time.”

I smile.

“I’m happy. I’m really happy.”

“I know. Is this because of your boyfriend?”

“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my twin.”

Whatever. If he’s responsible for how happy you’ve been lately, then hats off to him.”

I whisper.

“I really like him.”

She laughs.

“It does look like you do. Be happy always, okay? It’s doing you good.”

“You too.”

“Of course. Do you want to go back to sleep? You sound very sleepy.”


“Good night, sweetie. I’ll see you guys soon.”

“Good night po, ate. Ingat po kayo jan.”

Talk to you soon.”



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