Cute Drawings He Sends Me

I’m currently stuck in a meeting, so here’s a little post. Backstory: my twinnie and I have this app where we can doodle with each other simultaneously, and we also use it to send sketches to each other. (We can also use it to send real-time thumb kisses, but that’s a different story.)

Here are some of the doodles he has sent me! I find them really adorable, so I’m sharing them here.

1. Giving moral support!


2. Being cute as always.


3. Obvious love for sweets is obvious.


4. Can you imagine that this guy used to dislike strawberries? Now he loves them (because of my IGN strxwbxrry and because he calls me his strawberry princess). He even drinks strawberry black tea now!


5. More sweets~


6. A cat with a daisy! He loves cats, and I love daisies. 😀


7. “This is you.” Apparently he thinks I’m a bunny, but I don’t even mind.


8. And a sketch he sent to me very early this morning. Thank you, thank you~


9. Are you feeling the cuteness now?


10. And best of all…


Thank you, my beloved twinnie~ I hope you don’t post the pics I sent you. HAHAHAHA. Anyway I’m working on another photo blog so watch out for that!

Have an awesome day, everyone.



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