Photo Blog : Playgrounds, Cotton Candy and Bubble Guns

Hello there~!! Thank you for dropping by my blog today. And to reward you for your efforts, here’s a little photo blog! 😀

My twinnie JM and I went to Quezon Memorial Circle during the holidays to do some exploring, and also because we were looking for bubbles and cotton candy. And we know that a playground would have both, so off we went! 😛

It was pretty sunny, but thankfully the big trees on the grounds shaded us with their branches. Heat makes us rather irritable, so we were glad it was shady and breezy throughout the duration of our stay.



We walked around a bit, looking at the many stalls of stuff for sale as well as the food booths they had set up. We also checked out the amusement park section (which was closed) and the bike area. Lots and lots of people on bikes! I felt a bit out of place because I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.

After about ten minutes of walking around, we spotted a glorious sight: yes, you named it – COTTON CANDY! ❤


We got both colours and sat on the grass to eat. JM spotted a guy selling bubble guns, so he got one of those too. We were always talking about blowing bubbles, after all, but we never got to do it until now.


Blue for me, pink for him!


And my face as per usual.


JM started with the bubbles right away. Kids flocked around us and tried to swat the bubbles, so we lured even more of them to us. Haha.


Nailed it! We were trying to do the heart-with-fingers pose but my fingers don’t usually want to cooperate. My hand is on the left! Which side do you guys think looks better? 😛


And a hugeeee bubble.


Afterwards, we headed to the QCX for the guided tour, but that’s another post for another time. 😛 I promise I’ll have it up by tomorrow though, so come back for it, okay?

Thanks for reading!



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