Happy (Fake) New Year

…to the rest of the world. I’ll be waiting with my peeps to celebrate on Chinese New Year. 😛



Anyway I’m with my twinnie right now in Bo’s Coffee, and I’m feeling acid pain in my stomach because at lunch I drank sour juice before eating anything. >.<

Uncomfortable, yes, but not a mood breaker or anything.

My twinnie just left for a restroom break and it was so funny because we said good bye for about 5 minutes and he was back in less than a minute. And we greeted each other like long-lost twins so the baristas were all ‘aww’ and ‘ang cute naman nila.’

I’m also going through our photos for the last couple days and choosing which ones to blog about. Since there are too many, I’ll split the post into several parts!

Anyway, my twin is back now so I’m going to post this later. Happy New Year, guys! Here’s to a productive 2016. 😀


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