Zombie Mode


So, I’m finally home (for now). It was so traffic-jammed on our way home, what with the typhoon and flooding and asshole drivers everywhere. So the hour-long trip from Calamba to Quezon City ended up being 4 hours.

Not wow.

It’s almost Christmas. I have NOT bought any presents yet, simply because I. Do. Not. Have. The. Time. I won’t be going home for Christmas because I am up to my neck in work, and I have too much pride to surrender.

Christmas spirit: 0.

I just woke up and I didn’t have any intention to blog at all, but I noticed my twinnie JM had a new post so I have to put one up as well. Go and visit his blog, it’s awesome. 😛

I promise I’ll write a more cheerful post tomorrow and add more photos of my travels + my twinnie, but for now these will have to suffice.

My twinnie keeping watch til my bus leaves.


A siu pao. I really really really like siu pao. And xiao long bao. (I SAW DIN TAI FUNG OPENED IN SM MEGAMALL, JM LET’S GO THERE PLEASE. ❤ )


And here’s me + Toothless. In black and white because of my terrible mood.


Okay, signing out for more sleep.

Edit: guys stop spamming my ask.fm with twincest messages whoever you are. *falls of a chair laughing*



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