Writing Prompt: Narcissism

*bestie and me talking about my bunny rabbit ring*

JM: Oh, look. Your bunny ring is in our picture. Do you like bunnies? I didn’t know you liked bunnies.

Jen: Bunnies? They’re okay. I liked My Melody as a kid.

Jen: And Cinnamoroll.

Jen: But when I was younger my favourite was Badtz-maru.

JM: I know My Melody and Badtz-maru but I don’t know who Cinamoroll is.

Jen: But you know who my absolute favourite is?

JM: Yes, yes. I know. *sparkles*

JM: Me, right?

JM: Your fluffy adorable baby vampire best friend.

Jen: I mean, from Sanrio.

JM: Hmmm.

JM: JM-chanrio?

Jen: No, from Sanrio characters…

JM: Hmm.

JM: Hello Kitty?


Just the usual banter. Visit JM’s blog here.



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