All these bloggers I read have a variety of mental illnesses and behavioral disorders ranging from bipolar disorder to depression to PTSD and body dysmorphic disorder. It’s certainly interesting to read about their experiences because they’re mildly entertaining and reading definitely adds to my knowledge about these things.

But I have one complaint.

I have a mental/behavioral disorder too.

I have antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy spectrum. I don’t need any medication for it, I’m not depressed, it doesn’t bother my everyday life in any way. If anything else, all I’ve gotten from it are advantages.

I just noticed that these other people got sympathy and pity and a lot of support. Which is nice, although I would hate receiving sympathy for anything.

When people find out that I have ASPD, they don’t feel sorry for me. They don’t support me. In their eyes, I automatically become  a heartless monster.

Don’t you think that’s a teensy bit unfair?

I didn’t choose to be born like this, you know. I just am. I’m not sorry for having ASPD or anything, but maybe people shouldn’t judge me right off the bat. Calling me a ‘potential serial killer’ or something just as bad isn’t very nice.

I may be slightly psychopathic but at least I know the difference between what is considered morally right and wrong, and I almost always do the right thing. I mean, seriously, if I didn’t tell you I had ASPD would you even notice? I’m very extroverted and social and most people love me….until they find out about the ASPD.

Oh well.

I’m not asking for sympathy, I’m just asking you not to judge me right away. I’m human too! 😛


4 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. I don’t think you’re anything of a monster.. perhaps less compassionate about others? And if you’re a psychopath it probably has a different meaning than what the normal people know?

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