Secondhand Embarrassment

Is it wrong of me to think that my friend is being embarrassing because she’s 31 and is still into cosplay? I mean, if she cosplays mature-looking characters, I guess it’s fine. But she looks like a mother now and still insists on dressing up as young schoolgirls and it just looks extremely disturbing.

All right, I get it that hobbies are hobbies. But seriously, she should act her age. I try to be supportive and suggest other characters for her, but noooo. She wants to be Cardcaptor Sakura. She wants to be Lucy from Elfen Lied. She wants to be a Vocaloid!

Okay, you’re on your own. I don’t want secondhand embarrassment.

The year I turn 24 is the ย year I will stop cosplay and video games and all related activities. Because I’ll be mature and I’ll need to act mature.


Would be a lot easier to be motivated if I weren’t kid-sized. ๐Ÿ˜€


Someone just asked me, for whatever reason, who my top 3 celebrity crushes are. Err. I guess they are

1. Dendi (Natus Vincere)


2. Puppey (Team Secret)


because we need more Puppey in Tumblr <3

3. Suma1L (Evil Geniuses)

Okay? No more questions? I’m going to eat lunch now haha. Bye~



8 thoughts on “Secondhand Embarrassment

  1. Exactly why I stopped cosplaying more than a year ago, after six years of being in the hobby. Never mind the drama, issues, and constant negativity (not to mention an occasional convention brawl or two) – we’re not getting any younger; priorities, priorities, and priorities!

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      1. Not really. I’ve head stories of cosplayers and/or photographers picking fights in public, and it leaves a negative impression of cosplay people as uncivilized and lacking in proper manners when outsiders view the hobby. And those fights begin with small non-issues such as Facebook statues.

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      1. well..i want to quit games soon because i tend to get really addicted. when i was an undergrad, i used to play for 26 hours straight sometimes haha. i’m trying to scale down (don’t play any games now except Pokemon ORAS, Summoners War and Dota2 occassionally) but it’s still hard.

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      2. I had that same problem but, it’s a lot less now. There just isn’t time to run a household, work full time and play games constantly.. Plus, some people in my life require attention now and then or they wilt away. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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