Today My Dad Found The Emojis On His Phone

…and has proceeded to bombard me with emoji-filled texts.

It’s funny because my dad is even more technologically advanced than I am when it comes to computers and gadgets (engineer pls), but he has never known that the second part of his phone keyboard was filled with emoji. 😀

It just amuses me that he’s so excited about it because normally his texts are deadpan and have perfect spelling and grammar. Now they look more like pictures than messages.

Anyway, today I’m on my way to Dagupan City, Pangasinan, for the Provincial Inter-School Stage Play Competition. No, I am not a participant, I’m one of the facilitators haha. I might as well practice photography while I’m there, since we’re holding the event at Sison Auditorium. 😛

*waves* I hope you guys have a good day today!

Photo sourced from Google Images.


5 thoughts on “Today My Dad Found The Emojis On His Phone

  1. Hmmm, I am too old for this stuff. I have no idea about them myself or how to use them. I am lucky I can use it as a phone and text. Oh and I did a post on WordPress on there. That surprised me when it posted.

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