Untitled XIII


Come into my shadow,

Recline in its shade,

Come see what a void my constant thirst made.

Deep in my silence

In the absence of tears

Expressionless eyes hide irepressible fears.

Ice clutched my heart

and froze it with cold

I swear – funeral bells could be heard as they tolled

Weak heartbeats still waken the agony untold

but I treasure my pain as though forged out of gold.

Memories broken,

hopes dashed to the ground

but still not accepting the curse to be bound.

So drink from my vial,

sip from my cup,

go slit your wrists and then never get up.

I know it’s hard to get over your loneliness

but I will be here when you need to confess.

And even though I’m numb and suspended in emptiness

You will be safe in my blood-wet caress.

Waiting for the red-streaked skies of September

When my brethren wake to meet their Maker

Parched throats and bared teeth and the thirst they can’t conquer

Waiting for the crimson deluge to dispel ill and err.

But still and in chains I ought and will be

Never again to be one of the free.

Bloodlust-bound and not attempting to flee

A slave banked in sleep for all eternity.


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