Jen Is Not Happy

Currently sitting down and feeling distinctly displeased. All things considered, I should be in a good mood. I have an awesome outfit on, I took the time to look extra pretty today, I watched an awesome movie last night, I’ll get to see my brothers later, and it’s the beginning of a long weekend. So why then do I feel like cheerfully tearing off people’s heads today?

Right now I am doing nothing. Well, not exactly. I’m editing a draft of an article but it’s not due for three more weeks. I’m downloading the pilot episode of Lucifer. I’m watching my Camilla solo a giants dungeon. I’m eating mango yogurt and feeling sleepy. Maybe I need to be more active? I get bored horribly fast and when I’m not doing anything, I tend to get irritable.

I’m sad, which is weird as fuck because I’m never sad. I don’t have any reasons to be sad at all but right now I want my mum to pet my head and then make me cinnamon rolls. And then afterwards I want to go and hang out with my brothers while they play video games and tease them and mess up their concentration. Then I want 77 hugs and 94 bites from a certain person. And then maybe a nap.

But for now I’ll have to stick with my mango yogurt and I’ll try to will away my bad mood.

What is your problem, Jen?

Or the juice. I blame the juice.


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