28 Childhood Memories You Can Only Make If You Grew Up With Siblings

Thought Catalog

DSC_01901. You thrived off of eavesdropping whenever your siblings were getting in trouble.

2. Peak excitement was watching your sibling say something rude or snappy to your parents because you knew they were about to get punished.

3. You would always scream β€œI CAN’T BREATHE!!!!” when your siblings would gang up and try to pummel you.

4. You would open up bags of chips and/or boxes of cookies really quietly in the kitchen so that you could enjoy the unhealthy deliciousness in peace. But for some reason, your siblings had a sixth sense of knowing when you were snacking, and would always come find you and ask to share.

5. If your sibling started crying because of something you did, you would shush them and, in a state of sheer panic over what your parents were going to do to you, allow your sibling to punch you for free.


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