What now? =_=

I feel nervous and irritated for no good reason. This is strange because I was very cheerful yesterday, so the mood crash is somewhat frustrating. What’s even more frustrating is the fact that I cannot pinpoint the cause.

When I’m jumpy like this, I’m more prone to snapping at people and/or making frank and hurtful remarks that are true but nobody really wants to hear. I also can’t seem to stay social for long before I want to start tearing their heads off.

Problems? I don’t think so. I am the kind of person who isolates and nukes problems as soon as they pop up.

Hormones? Maybe…although I would like to think that my mental fortitude would be enough to withstand my hormones affecting my mood this time of the month.

Who cares. I am displeased with everything and I’m going to go and sulk in my room.

I hate being a girl.



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