Right Now I Am…

…at work. Writing speeches for bosses. Editing press releases. Doing coordination and liaison stuff for my next big project. And also at the same time farming summoning pieces for this month’s Hall of Heroes monster – Light Pirate Captain (Brig) – on Summoner’s War. 😀


Isn’t it interesting that all the Pirate Captains have names derived from seafaring vessels? Galleon, Brig, Carrack, Barque and Frigate. I already have the water PC (Galleon) and now I’m farming lots of Brigs for skill-ups, haha. I think that, of all the monsters I have in the game, Galleon has the best skill animation. Time to Loot ftw! I also plan to fully skill him up and use him for guild battles because of his Leader Skill. 😛

Those Jolly Rogers~ ❤


And by the way, here are two drawings that I made yesterday. For the first one I used pencil and pen. It’s a wind Occult Girl, also from Summoner’s War, and was requested by a friend. He originally requested for the awakened version (Charlotte) but I prefer the non-awakened OCs because they’re so cute!

Yeah, I know. Outfit is not so accurate but I think my anime-style version is better than the original! 😛

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Next drawing is fan art of Suma1L, my favorite member of Team EG, who just won the Internationals in DOTA2. Congratulations, you guys! #bleedblue


I am in a horrible mood today, so I’ll cut this short here. *shrugs* I guess at least I know my mood can only get better? Because lower than this would be impossible.

Note: my friend just told me that ‘mild annoyance’ for other people is ‘apocalypse mood’ for me, because I have very shallow feelings and I don’t have complex emotions. Thanks a lot, I guess.



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