I Will (Try To) Be the Best Girlfriend Ever

  1. I’m a very good cook!
  2. I will be your ranged support/carry in MOBAs and MMORPGs.
  3. I’m adorable.
  4. My attention will be on you only 40% of the time.
  5. I’ll have prank wars with you…and I’ll let you win sometimes.
  6. I’m not very emotionally attached, but I am physically clingy. 😛
  7. I won’t sugarcoat my words for you, so we’ll always be on the same level.
  8. I’ll help you execute all your plans.
  9. I’m goal oriented, and that principle applies to the people around me as well. I’ll push you to 200%.
  10. I’m a problem-solver and I work best under pressure.
  11. I’m talented at being ‘talented.’ 😀
  12. I’m a good partner! We’ll win the Amazing Race together if you want.
  13. I have my own life. I won’t try to live through yours or try to involve you in everything.
  14. I have my own friends. I don’t need you 24/7.
  15. I have my own money. I definitely don’t need yours! 😛
  16. I’m sweet. But don’t tell anyone else. 😛
  17. I actually like doing housework.
  18. We will go for non-boring dates like wakeboarding or spending time at the firing range. Or adorable, romantic dates like watching fireworks or spending time in the library being cute.
  19. If you tease me, I’ll tease you back. I won’t get mad. 😛
  20. I won’t just be your girlfriend, I’ll be your partner-in-crime. 🙂

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