Hello, hello~

Today is my last doctor’s appointment. I won’t be seeing him for a couple of months, which is nice. Today he just asked me some questions, inquired about symptoms and how I felt, and gave me some last minute reminders. It’s so nice to have a clean bill of health! I’m starting a 17-week ultramegasuperOP juice regimen next week, I hope it doesn’t taste as horrible as it sounds. 😦

But anyway. No nosebleeds, no medicine, no more needles! I’m happy! 😀

Meanwhile, here are some drawings I’ve done lately. 🙂



Camilla and Lushen, both from Summoner’s War. I drew Camilla because it’s my rep monster, and Lushen because a friend of mine requested him. But when I gave her my original Lushen drawing, I forgot to give him a round clown nose~ *facepalm*

But I corrected it and here he is! My Lushen drawing is largely inspired by Hisoka’s character design. If there are any Hunter x Hunter fans here, you’ll know who he is! 😛

And now for my usual random picture spam.

Vitamax Cereal Milk! It tastes kind of like NesVita because of the sweet corn flavour. Not sweet enough for me, though. 😛


An apple, which was part of my lunch today. I took a picture of it because it has a heart-shaped bite!


Me in bed. Bright light ugh. =/


And me feeling sleepy at my desk. My brother’s hoodie is so comfortable!


And here’s a pic without me covering my face. Haha. :3

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The weather recently. So gloomy and dark~ ❤


Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll be spending the weekend with my baby brothers and I’m looking forward to that~ 😀 If everything goes according to plan, I’ll blog about it.

I hope you guys are having a good week so far!

Thanks for reading.



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