Oh, Well.

I was hanging out with some friends and they decided it would be a good idea to do karaoke. 😀

So I said, Okay. Fine. I’m game.

I was expecting us to scream along to Bon Jovi songs like we usually do (yes, we love metal and opera but Bon Jovi is the best artist to jam to during karaoke sessions) but apparently we were singing random songs today!

Such fun. :/

It went surprisingly well, however. Until Sun and Moon came up and nobody knew how to sing it…except me. Miss Saigon ftw. I rock this song.

And then the next song was Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (yes, I see the Lea Salonga streak they were trying to do) which is a popular lullaby here…but since it’s in Filipino, and Filipino is difficult, of course NOBODY WANTED TO SING IT.

Not even me.

But in the end, guess who sang it anyway?

Yup. I did.

I regret it. 😦

Although I sang it beautifully (it was my voice recital piece when I was 12, but don’t tell anyone). 😛

My friend was looking at me with an impressed look on her face and she said she didn’t know I could make my voice sweet like that.

Now they will never believe that I’m badass. 😥


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