13 Things That Make Me Happy


I’ve been in hell rage mode recently, so now I feel the need to cheer up. It isn’t like me to dwell on something for a long time, anyway. And in an effort to one-hit-delete all these negative feelings coursing through my veins, I have decided to write a post listingΒ thirteen things that make me happy!


1. Vikings, the TV series by the History Channel. All those men with long hair! πŸ˜› Just kidding. I like it because I love action, I love Vikings, I love history and I love Norse mythology. πŸ˜€

2. Rainy days! I love days when the wind whips my hair into my own personal cyclone, when raindrops feel like pinpricks, and when dark clouds light up with flashes of lightning. Hearing thunder and the steady rhythm of raindrops has always had a soothing effect on me.

3. Sweet Milk! My best friend thinks this particular brand tastes like condensed milk, but I’m really, really fond of it. I love sweets, and this is no exception. But hey, at least it’s milk right?

4. Summoner’s War. I’m close to getting my first six star monster soon! ❀

5. Making my opponent rage-quit in a game. That’s what they get for being too serious while playing. I mostly play to troll…although I hate losing, so even though I’m batting your team back and forth like a cat with a mouse, at the end of the match I’m still going to annihilate you. πŸ˜€

6. Good night calls and voice messages. Sleepy voices are adorable.

7. That feeling you get when your logic wins over your instinct. Like when you want to destroy someone completely but you rationalize and sit back and do nothing…until the right time. Don’t worry. I can wait a really really long time before exacting revenge. πŸ˜€ #soon.

8. The scent of new ink and new paper.

9. Cute food, like Panda Pao.

10. When I tick off all the boxes in my daily checklists. Especially when my checklist has 30 items on it (I try not to go over thirty).

11. Hearing people praise me, especially when they’re not aware that I’m around.

12. Work. Work. And lots of work. No, I am not being sarcastic. I actually enjoy working, and nothing makes me happier than a new project. There’s nothing that gets my blood pumping and my brain whirring like a challenge, after all! Maybe it’s my nature as an ENTJ, but I hate being idle because I have a tragically short attention span, so I need to be constantly on the go. Boredom scares me.

13. The number thirteen. There was a time when I hated this number because of something that happened to me, but now I can finally say that I am feeling zero guilt over that event and I’m free to love the number again.


So that’s it! What about you guys? What makes YOU happy?

Thank you for dropping by~ ❀


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