26 Perks of Having An Awesome Best Friend

Long story short, I feel really, REALLY bad for having a dream about my best friend dying. And I feel bad for writing out a just-in-case eulogy for him. But I teared up a bit while reading the eulogy I wrote, so I guess that’s half my penance right there.

Soooo to make myself feel less awful, I wrote a list of perks you get when you have an awesome best friend.

*waves to best friend*

Ready? Let’s start! ๐Ÿ˜€

26 Perks of Having an Awesome Best Friend!

1. You haveย your own language/slang/hashtags. Even when they don’t make sense to other people, you two can’t stop giggling or smirking whenever you mention them or see them.

2. You have a diet buddy! Going vegetarian for a month? It’s a lot easier when you have someone to endure the diet with.

3. You play the same games! My best friend and I first met because of Pokemon. Although we also have our separate games (he plays games like League of Legends, and I have my horror games), we enjoy playing Summoner’s War and Pokemon together. ๐Ÿ˜€

4.ย You have a reading buddy! It’s fun having someone to discuss books with, freak out over certain chapters, and make jokes about what you’re currently reading. *cough Ifrit cough*

5. You have someone to share your fashion sense with! You Whatsapp each other your OOTDs, ask for advice about outfit choices, and plan coordinated outfits together.

6. They know everything about you but still don’t call the police, call for an exorcism, or haul you off to a mental institution. ๐Ÿ˜€

7. You finish each others sentences! And sometimes say the same things at the same time. #sync

8. You finish each other’s food.

9. You can insult and say mean things to each other jokingly

10. BUT you have to physically stop yourself from murdering other people who joke about the same things. Like, hey, that’s my best friend. I’m the only one who can make fun of him/her!

11. They’re always there to help you.

12. They will aid and abet you. So you accidentally committed homicide? Calm down, tell me where the body is.

13. You don’t just have a best friend, you’ll have a built-in pillow too!

14. You can send each other screen shots of other conversations you’re having, just so you can make fun of those other people. ๐Ÿ˜€

15. You have the same values and morals.

16. You watch out for each other’sย well-being. Did you eat already? Do you have an umbrella with you? Don’t forget to bring a jacket with you!!

17. You give each other advice…and you actually listen.

18. They’re your favourite persons on earth, and you are theirs!

19. You stall each other for so long when saying good night, because you’re having fun and don’t want to go yet.

20. The thought of your best friend falling in love makes your chest seize up with half happiness, half jealousy, and a little bit of ‘if she hurts him, I will KILL her!

21. You get lots of head petting!

22.ย You experience withdrawal symptoms if you don’t have some form of contact every day

23. Your best friend acts as your conscience or your voice of reason.

24. You can say everything that comes to mind without worrying about judgment.

25. Your best friend will always have your back. And vice versa.

And last, but not the least…

26. Other people may come and go, but best friends are for forever. โค


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