Tech review #1: Lenovo a5000

Check out my best friend’s blog, he reviews stuff 😛

Hey there. JM here.

For today’s post. I’ll be giving a quick review on a mobile device that I’m currently using right now.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I’m actually a techie! Not really a top notch tech head, but I certainly know my way on most stuff revolving the mobile platform. Plus, I’m also trader. That’s right. I buy stuff, then sell ’em off once I get fed up or whenever I get the need for some quick cash. 🙂

Expect more reviews to come for I get to test a lot of phones and other portables. Seriously. I’m not kidding. 😛

I should stop with the gibberish and get down to business.

*cracks neck bone*
*stiff neck occurs*


Our device for today’s review will be the Lenovo A5000


What’s in the box:

The device itself w/ a 4000mAh built-in non removable battery

2.5mA DC5.0v Charging adapter.


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