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Hannibal and Brooklyn 99~! Brooklyn 99 is probably one of the most amusing TV series I’ve ever seen, and I’m sad that I have to wait until September for the third season to start. To fill in the void that Brooklyn 99 has left, I have started watching Hannibal. My brothers love it, but they don’t want me to watch it – they say it might awaken my latent psychopathic tendencies.

But I’ve started watching and I’m already in love with Dr. Lecter. I admire and appreciate the way he interacts with people and the way he executes plans is nothing short of astounding. I want to be like him! Not a cannibal, I mean. Since I have ASPD, I meant I want to be an outwardly adjusted, non-violent, intelligent, successful psychopath, if I ever am proven to be actually psychopathic. Hannibal is violent, but I promise I’m not! πŸ˜›


MYXJ_20150713092906_save - Copy

MYXJ_20150713085507_save - Copy

I’ve been in blazers a lot these days, since I’ve been out on fieldwork and I’ve been having back-to-back speaking appointments. There’s this Folio blazer that I’ve been wearing, and I love it. It’s black and formal and fits me perfectly, and the inside is lined in silk that’s as colourful as a Pucci print. Badass on the outside, kawaii on the inside, haha.

And high heels. Yesterday while I was speaking, I could barely see over the podium. So I started my lecture like this:

“Damn. I should have worn high heels. I can barely see over your podium.”

*cue audience laughter*

“I’m serious!” *waves at audience* “Can you guys even see me?”

So, yes. During speaking appointments, 5-inch high heels are necessary.

I’ve also been wearing my brother’s hoodie a lot!

MYXJ_20150712121452_save - Copy

See, isn’t it nice?



Good news! I’m not as addicted to Pokemon as I used to be!

And bad news…because now I’m addicted to Summoner’s War. πŸ˜₯

BTW if you guys play, you can add me. I’m strxwbxrry on both Global and Asian servers.


A Mrs. Fields muffin dusted with sugar and studded with blueberries! Last night my dinner was Mrs. Fields cookies. I like their soft chocolate-chip cookies!


Plain water. Although I’ve been addicted to Sweet Milk also recently. I can finish 6 tetra packs in one day! I also like the taste of my best friend’s blood because it’s very sweet. Just kidding. I don’t drink blood. *rofl*

Listening to


My theme song for today is Sugar Rush by AKB48~ πŸ˜€


Weekend with best friend!

*inserts picture of said best friend*

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

We’re going to drink tea, eat Japanese food, troll baristas and get a cat for me. Speaking of my best friend, he now has a blog so visit him over at!


My mood is currently at 66% πŸ˜€

And feeling a bit sad because it’s my boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow and he’s really far away, so I can’t bake him a cake and take him somewhere nice. Oh well. Next year I’ll make sure I’ll be with him on his birthday. πŸ™‚

Okay, I think this post is enough for today. I hope you guys have a great week ahead! Thank you for dropping by. πŸ™‚



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