Target: Acquired

Me: Mom. Mooooom. Mommy. ❤

Mother: What is it?

Me: I want it. Can I have it? PLEASE? 😀

Mother: What exactly do you want?

Me: I really want it. I need to have it.

Mother: Jen. What do you want?

Me: That Hello Kitty thermos over there.

Mother: No. You are not a child anymore. You work for the government and you’re a law student. What will people think when they see you with such a childish item?


Dad: What’s wrong?

Mother: She wants that Hello Kitty thermos.

Dad: Come on, that’s for kids. 🙂

Me: I won’t show it to anyone. I’ll keep it hidden.

*cue laughter from parents*

Mother: Jen, choose something else. What about a dignified-looking thermos without designs?

*cue pouting from me*

Me: Look, I know you’re just watching out for me, but I don’t really care about what people think even if they see me with it. But if it bothers you so much, I promise I will keep it hidden at all times and I won’t bring it to work or class. Pros: I will never bring it up again, since I know you’re getting tired of hearing about it already. I’ll stop whining about it and we can move on and finish our chores.

*cue more laughter from parents*

Dad: Just give it to her, she’ll get it anyway.



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