Who Is Jen, Really?

Recently, I’ve gotten some feedback from other bloggers. Apparently, I don’t write much about myself, which I found strange because I’m quite a vain person and I love myself very much. 😛

I went through my posts to find out if this was true – and to my surprise, it was. Even though I spam my face on blog posts, I never really write much about my goals, my aspirations, my everyday thoughts, my personal struggles, and my relationships. I think this is natural, because I’m not an introspective person at all, my relationships are my own business, and I’m quick to contain and eliminate any struggles I might be having.

But to satiate your curiosity, I have decided to write this Getting to Know Me Better post! I hope you like reading it, and I hope it answers some of your questions. Have fun! 😛


First of all, this is my face. Please take the time to get acquainted with my face. 😀


My name is Jen. I am in my early 20s, I’m a mix of Chinese, Filipino and Spanish blood, and I’m five feet tall. In my natural state, I have brown hair and amber eyes, but I like wearing red or black contact lenses because I think they make me look like a ghost. 😀

I have a mum and a dad and three adorable baby brothers. They’re teens now but they’ll always be babies to me! 😛


I’m a list-maker, goal-setter, and plan-executor extraordinaire. Nothing makes me quite as happy as ticking off the little boxes next to my to-do notes and checklists in Evernote and Google Keep.

For example, my short-term goals include:

– to travel to one new country annually, starting next year

– to be top 1 in my law school batch

– to enroll in an MA or MBA program

– to be a nicer person.

My bigger goals are too many, but they include being a published author and becoming senior state prosecutor someday.


i.e. What Makes Jen Tick. Hahaha. So I took the test for multiple intelligence, and this is what I got.

Multiple Intelligence

See? My intrapersonal score is very low. That’s why my posts aren’t very introspective.

Personality Type

I’ve been taking the MBTI test ever since I was I think 18, and I’ve only gotten one result – ENTJ. I’m glad, because I think ENTJ is the best type there is. *holds up hand to silence the complaints* Deal with it! 😛

I think you can pretty much gauge my personality according to my test results.



I’ve never gotten any other result. I wouldn’t mind Ravenclaw, but I’m GLAD I was never sorted into Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. They just seem like a bunch of people I wouldn’t like. Interestingly, when a friend of mine made me take a test to see which Divergent faction I’d belong to, I got Erudite.


– I know how to count in Polish! 😛

– My favourite colours are black and red.

– I’m very interested in occult and mythology.

– Contrary to popular belief, I’m not an atheist. I’m more of a non-denominational theist.

– I’m a morning person!

– I can play 5 musical instruments, but I can’t read notes. 😦

– I work for the government, and I attend law school when I feel like it.

– I was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (psychopathy spectrum), which I think is hilarious because I’m really extroverted. 😛 That’s why my alternative title for this blog is The Diary of a Part-time Psychopath.


– I love Tim Burton movies!

– My favourite movie genres include horror, documentaries, suspense, comedies, and I’llkillyouifyoutellanyonebutIlikechickflickslikeLegallyBlonde.

– My music genres are metal, classic rock, opera, classical music, classical crossover, punk revival, metalcore and post-hardcore.

– My favourite podcast is Welcome to Night Vale!

– My favourite anime character is Suzuya Juuzou!

– My favourite TV series are Supernatural, Constantine, Criminal Minds, Hannibal, American Horror Story, and Gossip Girl. Yeah, the last is drastically different but Blair Waldorf and I have pretty much the same personality.

– My favourite GoT characters are Stannis Baratheon and Tyrion Lannister. Stannis torched his daughter for the Lord of Light, btw. Oh, was that a spoiler for you? LOL sry.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

This is my favourite person in the whole, entire universe. I know he’s going to choke/kill/strangle me for putting this up here but I’M SORRY IT WAS TOO AWESOME I HAD TO DO IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. *dies*


Whew. I’m glad to get that over with. This post ended up not being very introspective, after all, but oh well. I’ll do better next time.

I hope you guys have a nice weekend! And Happy Independence Day to all my Filipino friends out there. Mabuhay!

Thanks for reading.



7 thoughts on “Who Is Jen, Really?

  1. I like to think of ENTJs as “the boss of all bosses” LOL. And so far..it made sense. Although I would have to meet you in person to get a real “look” into your character.

    I am highly introspective. Sometimes, a little too much. Almost all of my posts, even those that aren’t about me (and there are rarely any of these, LOL) has to have *something* about me, or else I get mad at myself.

    Anyhow, I think it is finally time for me to say that you have such beautiful black eyes! I mean, Wow! *_*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i wish i could be as introspective as you! it’s difficult sometimes when i slow down and have to be alone with my thoughts, because then i feel scared because the feeling is so foreign to me. i’ve always been more of an action-oriented person xP and thank you! those are black contact lenses though, but thanks as well 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, and I am scared of taking action and talking to people 😛 THESE, I say, are foreign to me.
        What’s the real color of those beauties, though? *_*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Black, hehe. Yeah, it would be interesting, but you see what I loser I am, LOL. Just thinking…thinking…..feeling….feeling…sometimes. You think so much, you can’t decide what to do or what to say. So your actions and words all get jumbled up. That’s why writing is comfortable. I can take as long as I need, and if I decide to not say something, I can go back and cut it out in my blog. You would hate it! 😀 Especially after all this, you had OCD 😛 😀 LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      3. i don’t think you’re a loser at all! i think it’s really cool how you’re so drastically different. it’s very interesting for me. my thoughts are rarely jumbled, they’re very um streamlined i guess? and i have a one-track mind, so it can also get frustrating. and wow, OCD 😮 i hope yours isn’t very severe!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Damn, how much I meditate to keep my mind “streamlined” XD It used to be tremendously severe :O But I got better, now it only hits be from time to time and lingers with me only lightly, not like the past, thank Goodness.

        Thanks, Sweetie 🙂


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