What’s In My Bag?

Err…so I’ve been tagged by a YouTuber friend of mine to do a “What’s in My Bag” post.   I haven’t been active on YouTube since 2012, so I’ll do it here instead!

Actually, I’m not even sure if my channel is still up, haha. Ever since that Caramelldansen incident, I deleted all my videos. 😛

*Jen used tactical retreat! It’s super effective!*

But first, let me say that I don’t GET why anyone would want to know what’s inside my bag.  I’m never curious about what’s inside other people’s bags, unless they look oddly heavy or have suspicious edges poking out. 😀

But I digress.

Let’s get on with the post, shall we? 🙂

First of all, the bag!


I have many, MANY bags with different stuff inside. This is the one I usually bring for casual occasions (i.e. running out to do chores, going somewhere to shop, etc.).  It’s a Nine West leather sling bag, and I like it because it’s really soft and lightweight, but can carry a surprising amount of stuff inside.

And now, what’s actually inside the bag:


Yeah, I know. You were expecting lots of black stuff, weren’t you? 😛

I like the colour black, but I also favour pale colours  like white and pink. And since I already wear black all the time, it would be too overwhelming if I had purely black things too, right? Plus, you all know I’m 1/2 metalhead witch and 1/2 evil kawaii doll anyway. 😀

A closer look at my stuff!

Here’s my Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir perfume, because I like smelling like vanilla. I also carry around my Disney hand sanitizer, because I don’t like getting dirty.  And my Hello Kitty contact lens case, because I have terrible vision and I need to wear contacts. 


My phone and my 3DS, in case I need entertainment while I’m outside. Or if someone challenges me to a Pokemon battle OR attacks me in Summoner’s War hahaha. And here are my eyeglasses  in case I get tired of wearing my contact lenses.


I generally bring two games with me – Pokemon Y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I also have X and Omega Ruby,  but for some reason I prefer these two. 😀


And lastly, my wallet and my coin purse! See why I need such a big wallet – I have lots of cards, haha! A couple of credit cards, school ID, government and work IDs, etc. 

Isn’t my coin purse cute? I have another cute one, a Totoro coin purse. But that’s in my school/work bag.  Maybe I should do another What’s In My Bag post some time, the items in THAT bag are definitely more interesting. *smirks*


Anyway, we’re done with the post! *cue Final Fantasy victory fanfare*


Yes. That is another unrelated photo of my face. It’s just I had my fangs corrected at the dentist and I miss having them.  At least I can close my jaw properly now, though~ 😥

I hope you enjoyed reading my post!  Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

Have a great week ahead! Cheers!


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