Getting to Know You and Me!

Hey everyone! So this morning, I’ve read an awesome post over at It’s a Getting To Know You and Me post, and I’ve decided to do it as well! 😀

You know, any chance to talk about myself. Hahaha.


*inserts unrelated picture of me and my displeased face*
*inserts unrelated picture of me and my displeased face*

Haha, just kidding!

So anyway, here we go! 🙂


1. If you had any job in the world, which one would you choose?

2. There’s a new technology that will let you forget one event in your life which would you choose?

3. You’re given a chance to date anyone in the world, who would it be?

4. You’re given the chance to change one law in your country, what would you change?

5. You can live in any city/country, which one would you choose?


1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a politician. No joke. When I was in elementary school, I decided to be either a marine biologist or a herpetologist. And then, when I was in high school, my aspirations mainly pointed to the law. Right now, I want to be a prosecutor, run my own bookstore-slash-cafe, and have my own ninja/military/goth clothing label. 😥

2. I’m pretty good at forgetting things, so I’m sure I don’t need this! Although if given the chance to use this on someone else, I’d jump at it… :3

3. Probably some high-powered politician. But he’d have to be good-looking, intelligent AND influential.

4. I’d bring back the death penalty. I simply do not approve of citizens paying for the upkeep of criminals in reclusion perpetua. The tax money could be redirected to better use, such as for education purposes or the construction of infrastructure or even for medical and scientific research.

5. Prince Edward Island in Canada looks nice. But really, anywhere with below zero winters would be fine.

And that’s it!

I hope you guys learned a little bit more about me. I want to know what you guys think, so feel free to answer the questions too!


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