Random Thoughts

Hello, readers! ❤

I’m annoyed today. I have to leave tomorrow for some sort of convention which will eat up my weekend, the temperature outside is very humid, I woke up grumpy, and somebody is trying to sabotage me.

If they hate me, maybe I should give them a reason to really hate me. But then I don’t care enough so yeah…

I only have one thought about these kinds of people. They’re silly for trying to pick a fight with me, and they’re laughably unprepared for if and when I decide to retaliate. How amusing.


But yeah anyway. I’ve made myself feel better by bulldozing through my workload for today, so now I’m free! And it’s not even 12noon yet.

I actually started writing this post yesterday but got caught up in something else, so I’m just going to upload it today. Priorities, you know. 😛

Right now I am: eating lunch. Air-quotes around that statement. Because if you can call diet Pepsi, a couple of caramel candies and a few potato chips ‘lunch’ then yeah, I’m totally eating lunch.

Right now I am feeling: warm. And I hate warmth. I also feel sleepy because I’ve been back to my waking-up-early habit and I’m sleep deprived. But sleep is for the weak, so I shall prevail! *cue evil laughter*

Right now I am listening to: my colleagues laugh over some whimsical and trivial topic. I’m extroverted but I don’t like talking about things that don’t make any sense or won’t contribute to a higher goal. I like nice, structured, practical conversation topics.

And then I feel a little bit bad for saying that because this blog post isn’t making any sense at all, either.

*takes a break from the post to insert sarcastic e-cards that made me laugh earlier*

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(hashtag ENTJ memes)


Anyway, this is the part I wrote yesterday.

Earlier this morning I was very confused, because I was filling in my monthly accomplishment form for work and I absolutely had no idea where I was during two days – May 4th and May 20th.

Now, I remember that May 4th is Star Wars Day. But aside from that, I don’t remember what I did that day. According to my biometric scans, I logged in for work at 6:49 in the morning (we have flexible time). And then, after that, I just…vanished. I had no log out, my computer had no record of me using it that day,etc.

So I did what was most logical – I asked my evil twin what I was doing on those days. He said I was in Antipolo on May 3rd because we were talking about watching the Pacquiao-Mayweather boxing match. And I remembered that too, because the day before he sent me a pretty lace umbrella and a hooded jacket that I planned to use for a Sith costume. Then he told me I should keep a diary so I wouldn’t have such huge gaps in my memory.

Then I decided to backread our message logs until I got to May 4th. And then after looooots and lots of scrolling up I finally found our conversation that day and I wish I didn’t. 😦

Seriously, no wonder why I didn’t remember anything. It was like I had a psycho break that day – the conversation was about forming a new religion, fountains of blood, chicken nuggets, sending emails instead of prayers, wanting to use sorcery to turn my evil twin into a girl, etc.

So my face afterwards was like this: 😨

On May 20th that was apparently when I had a meeting all day and was almost assassinated by a katana-weilding ninja cat. JK about the cat. But yes, I was attacked by a ridiculously furry feline while I was innocently drinking a glass of water. Thankfully I am very good at impulse control otherwise I would have retaliated.

BTW it was my baby brother’s birthday yesterday. He wanted an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt, so I got several for him. I liked that band when I was that age too, so I don’t mind. Hopefully he will move on to more badass bands, but A7x isn’t bad at all.

My brothers hate it when I call them ‘baby brothers’ but there’s nothing they can do about it because I might be physically tiny, but I’m the eldest. Deal with it! 😛

I realize that this post is free-flowing and unstructured, which bothers me a bit. But I’m not going to edit it since it’s supposed to be an exorcism  of random thoughts, anyway. I need to clear my mind before starting on the actual serious stuff for today.

But wait. According to my Evernote checklist I’m done for today so….Summoner’s War, here I come!

And speaking of Summoner’s War…



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