Some Cute Things

My friends and I have this running joke about my preference for cute and morbid things. On one hand, I likes sparkles and flowers and Hello Kitty and kawaii pink stuff.  On the other hand, I like blood and horror and gore and all things paranormal/supernatural.

But since I’m on the cute end of the spectrum today,  here is a collection of adorable things I happen to have on hand. Haha! 😀

When I emptied my satchel, this was what was inside. A Death Note and pen (I use it as a normal notebook), tea bags, my other cell phone, eyeglasses, money, receipts, lip balm, Hello Kitty contact lens case.


The spoon/fork/chopsticks set I keep in my office drawer~


A doodle book I bought recently! I used to have a Wreck This Journal, but it got lost in an airport a few months back.  I was really sad when that happened, but with this I can start all over again. Plus, it’s much cuter! 🙂





Sunscreen I bought recently. Come on, if you see something named a SUNKILLER (which is so metal, by the way) wouldn’t you buy it?  Haha. I hate the sun, so this is a must! Broad-spectrum SPF 50 isn’t so bad either.


Some coffee and custard flavoured chocolate  from Family Mart.



And takeout from Starbucks because I’m too lazy to make dinner.  Iced soy chai tea latte and Pellegrino – which I ALWAYS get, they’re my favourites – and a chicken/spinach wrap and a salad.



New t-shirts. Adventure Time and GameBoy! 


And sparkly clips  because I need to do something with my hair. It’s so messy and always falling in front of my face.


Okay that’s it for today.  I have some posts lined up, so I won’t be as absent as I was last week 😀 Plus I have an upcoming Coron, Palawan trip next week so I’ll have lots of awesome pictures to post!

Next blog post up is going to be about Pico de Loro, a country club/beach resort my family went to last week. 😛 So stay tuned! 

Thanks for visiting~


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