Randomness Ensues

I was sick yesterday with a 38 C fever, but now I feel better. I still went to work because I was supposed to attend a meeting (it didn’t go through because quorum wasn’t met). Today I only have 37.5 C but I feel okay enough. 😀


Anyway. Last night.

When I got home, one of my friends had 177 messages on my WhatsApp demanding where the hell I was and why I wasn’t texting. When I said I’d been out, he said “Bullshit, I can see you’re online” and I didn’t respond anymore. Then he started calling me a b*tch and cussing me out. Ummm sorry for having a life? 😦

Only one reaction to that guy:


Speaking of WhatsApp, my evil twin had two missed calls when I woke up. And he never calls me  unless it’s  urgent or an emergency so I was really concerned, but when I called him back it turns out he just missed me and THEN I got annoyed because he made me nervous. He’s buying me cotton candy later to apologize, so everything’s fine. 🙂

I went to sleep at past midnight last night after one of my marathon Skype calls with le boyfriend but I had a really bad migraine headache. So I had to elevate my head with pillows and sleep with an ice pack over my right eye (that’s where the pain comes from).

I have a fever and on top of that a headache. Niiiice.

It was so bad that I had to take some extra-strength painkillers and they knocked me out…I got to work 11 AM and today is scheduled for ISO auditing. I just KNOW that I’m going to be called on to answer questions.


Speaking of pain killers, I took some yesterday and was loopy for a little while. So yeah…if I said or texted or did anything weird, sorry about that! 😀

Edit: I wasn’t called because I put on my ‘I’m sick and I might cough blood on your anytime so leave me alone’ look. Lots of red eyeliner and no blush/lip balm. It worked YESSSS.

I’m just glad it’s the weekend already and I ticked off every single one of the 44 boxes of this week’s to-do checklist. Later after work I will be heading to my favourite t-shirt shop to pick up my Pantera shirt (today I’m wearing Metallica!) and maybe buy a new phone because my current one is starting to suck.

Anyway, here are some photos so my post wouldn’t seem so bare. 😀

I’m feeling all girly and stuff so I wore a dress! Well actually my choice of clothing tends to alternate between anything black and pale, lacy, girly dresses. I have a bipolar sense of style, I think.


Salad I made! Fiddlehead fern, cherry tomatoes, slivers of onion + lemon juice and salt. Blanch the ferns then toss all the ingredients together. Serve cold!


Fried tilapia.


Another salad. Slice some horseradish very thinly, rinse out and squeeze with salt water. Add some chopped tomatoes, onion slivers, lemon juice, pepper and sea salt.


I love anything red velvet, so obviously I would give this a try too!


One of my baby brothers asleep on the couch.


And the most awesome cake from The Chocolate Kiss cafe.



Ferrero Rocher. TBH I’m not very fond of them because I’m always wary of eating stuff with nuts. I have a peanut allergy and I don’t really want to die yet 😦 *pets EpiPen in pocket to reassure myself*


 And here’s me being grumpy. I am NOT a morning person. Shitty quality (compared to the other, DSLR photos in this post) because I took it with my phone’s front camera. 😛 Yet another reason to buy a new phone!

PicMonkey Collage

So yeah. Happy Friday! I’ll post about Pokemon tomorrow. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by! 😀


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