So I dusted off my camera and I was taking pictures yesterday. I didn’t really have a specific subject in mind, so I just took random snapshots on the way from work and while walking home.

The sky at 6:30 AM! It’s very bright and sunny these days – I guess summer is finally here.


Some bamboo plants outside.


Apartment buildings and power lines.


Our neighbour’s flowers. I like these flowers, they don’t make me sneeze! 😀


   There’s a construction site on the way to work. My dad is a civil engineer, and I’m used to being around construction sites. I even had my own hard hat when I was a kid! I used to play around in them a lot, so I went to take a look around.


Passing by the bougainvillea arch on the way home!


There are also white flowers, although I prefer the pink ones.


One last picture of the sunset before packing away my camera. 🙂


I hope you guys liked the photos! I’m planning to visit a museum/art gallery this weekend, so hopefully I will have a more cohesive post to publish. And as always, thank you for visiting!



4 thoughts on “Tuesdays

  1. Your country seems to be a beautiful place. Thanks to the stupid main media all we know about Philippines in this side of the world is the rape/pedophilia/violence scandals, oh crap 😦

    I’ll send you some pics of here as soon as I can, It’s a really cool place as well.

    Can’t wait to skype with you tomorrow (: Have a nice day and see ya! *pets in your head*

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    1. well, as they say, it’s not news-worthy if it’s not controversial 😛 my country is generally considered a vacation spot, so yeah it’s beautiful ^_^ it’s just sad that the news focuses on the negative aspects more.


      1. Yes I know. It’s always like that. same for Brazil and most of South America countries. Wish I were rich enough to have vacations in Philippines :p


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