Ask Jen!

Here are some questions I got from comments unrelated to my posts (and therefore unapproved) or via email. I’m going to answer them here in this post. 🙂

Okay, so introduction’s over. Here we go!

1. Do you wear contact lenses? Why? What is your natural eye colour?

Answer: Yes! I’m nearsighted, so I wear either glasses or contact lenses. My natural eyes are amber/light brown, but I wear red or black contact lenses. 

2. How old are you? 

Answer: For privacy purposes (I don’t want you guys figuring out my birth date) let’s just say that I’m not younger than 20 and not older than 23. Haha! 

3. Do you work or study?

Answer: I graduated from university when I was 19, so yeah. I am a government employee 😛 and I study law.

4. Do you have a boyfriend?

Answer: Right now, nope. I was seeing someone recently but we didn’t really want the same things so we broke up.

5. How do you apply your makeup?

Answer: Man, I’m not good at this tutorial stuff haha. But I’ll try to explain. First apply powder or whatever you use, then lip balm (I use Pati Dubroff Professional Lip Balm Crayon). Then the most important item – red eyeliner. Use it to shade under your eyes and draw a line over your upper lids. Then take black eyeliner and draw a line following your upper lid, then wing it out slightly. Then curl your eyelashes and you’re done!

6. Where are you from?

Answer: Right now, I reside in the Philippines.

7. What language do you use daily? Do you have an accent when you speak?

Answer: I speak English and I sound neutral when I speak. Most people can’t guess where I’m from basing on my accent (or lack thereof).

8. What happened to your old accounts?

Answer: I deleted them! I’m trying to slowly clean up my online presence because of personal and work-related reasons. I used to have a quite popular blog on Blogger, but it got too hectic to keep up.

9. How would your friends describe you?

Answer: They recently made me an ID badge that says “Hi, I’m Jen! I like Hello Kitty and evil shit.” So yeaaaah I guess that answers your question. 

Maybe I’ll make this Ask Jen portion a regular thing, if I get enough questions. So if you have something you’d like to ask, just drop me an email or leave a comment!

And oh, I would like to thank all the visitors from 9gag 😛 I can see your entry points and they’re from my 9gag user profile. I really appreciate the extra blog traffic and the comments. You guys are so nice!

Thank you for reading, and please have an awesome day. 😀


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