Want To See Something Entertaining?

Helloooo! Are any of you here horror fans? 🙂

I am, and nothing excites me more than watching or reading something scary. Unfortunately, since I’ve watched so many paranormal movies, I’ve become too desensitized and couldn’t appreciate being scared as much as I used to be.

Oh well. At least they’re still entertaining, right?

One of my favourite methods of scaring myself is by reading webtoons. Webtoons are just like comics, but they’re browser-based and often come with audio and visual effects. And today, I’m going to show you some of my favourites!

Here’s a video version of a popular horror webtoon from Naver. Its title is the Bongcheon-dong Area Ghost. It’s one of the first webtoons I ever read on the site, and it still entertains me to this day.

It’s also a Naver webtoon entitled Ok-su Station Ghost.

Have fun reading! 😛

Did you guys like it? If you did, here’s another good one, just click on the link to read. The title is Ghost in Masung Tunnel. It’s in Korean, though, so just switch on the ‘translate’ option on your browser.

You’re welcome. 🙂



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