My Mind Is Going Hyper Today

…and I don’t even know why.

Or wait. Maybe I do. Looking at you, sugar-free Monster. You’re entirely at fault as to why I’m like this right now.

But not to complain. At least it’s dark and cold and quiet, and there are no people around to annoy me. I can do handstands all day and nobody would see/care, which I guess is nice.

Random Thoughts Going Through My Head:

1. I should get a tattoo of an Audrey Kawasaki or Chiara Bautista painting.

2. But no, tattoos hurt and my mum will get mad at me.

3. But I really want a tattoo…

4. No, bad idea, scrap that.

5. I should wear my spiderbites again.

6. That’s another bad idea.

7. Jen Jen Jen Jennnn hurry up and process your red passport ASAP! It’s your first overseas travel for 2015 and you cannot mess this up.

8. Do I really want to visit Indonesia in April?

9. Oh shit. I have a huge crush on this guy and IΒ have to make sure that he never, ever, ever finds out because I don’t want him to think I’m creepy and stop talking to me.

10. Maybe stop complimenting him so much, too. Just…act normal.

11. What is normal?

12. I ate chicken for lunch and now I want to throw up. I think my one week of being vegetarian will have a lasting effect on my future food choices.

13. I should just not go to Germany in August and go somewhere else. Attend Graspop in Belgium, maybe? Or go to Russia? Czech Republic?

14. I need to buy more black clothes. Is there such a thing as an addiction to black clothes?

15. I need to get this song un-stuck from my head.

16. I should sleep more.

17. Or change my sleeping patterns.

18. I should stop using both hands when eating or drinking something.


20. All right, Jen, time for a nap. zzzz.


4 thoughts on “My Mind Is Going Hyper Today

  1. After reading this I started to think what kind of sorcery made you so full of questions. But I understand how confusing those things really are sometimes. Hope you solve your problems soon!

    PS: I’m the 9gag guy who wanted to be your friend. *put shy emoji in here*

    PS2: I accidentaly discovered this page in your 9gag profile, and you still post in it! lucky!

    PS3: Sorry if all this seemed weird, didn’t had any purpose on that! xD

    PS4: If you go to German *please* take alot of photos. It’s a beautiful place!

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hey, guy from 9gag! i remember you ^ ^ and thanks, i’m all right now, i think i just had too many energy drinks yesterday xP
      PS: are we friends now? πŸ˜€
      PS2: aww thank you for visiting! i write here almost every day xP
      PS3: no worries!
      PS4: I’ll be there in August ^ ^ and yes, i’ll take lots of pictures and post them here.
      thank you for reading, and please have a good day πŸ˜€


      1. If we are friends? Well I’d love to (:

        Is there a way that we can text chat for a while? Facebook or anything else – Don’t worry I didn’t forgot your comment about not liking text messaging back on 9GAG, Problem is that I can’t voice message until people here go to sleep. So if you want to chat until there. it would be very nice. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. i just don’t like texting when people start bugging me to respond every five minutes πŸ˜› but all right, you can add me on facebook ( and then we can discuss other messaging methods from there ^ ^ ciao~


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