A List of Anime Shows Worth Watching


Why You Should Watch: a cursed class, dead people coming back from beyond the grave, horrifying accidents, and a girl who can see the dead make for hours of good, bloody fun.

My Favourite Characters: I love Mei Misaki, of course. Aside from the fact that she’s one of the three anime characters that I used to cosplay, I love her mysterious personality, her artistic talent, and her no-nonsense attitude. 

My Favourite Episode: the last episode, when most of the class started getting murdered.

Ghost Hunt

Why You Should Watch: a troupe of psychics and exorcists attempt to take on cases that range from hauntings, poltergeist activity, curses, and monsters who don’t want to die.

My Favourite Characters: Naru/Kazuya Shibuya/Oliver Davis (ugh why do you have so many names anyway?) and John Brown, an Australian priest whom I totally ship with Mai. Yes, I’m bad. Forgive me.

My Favourite Episode: I like the four episodes of The Cursed House.


Why You Should Watch: a new family in a small, backwoods town starts off a chain of disappearances and murders, with the deceased coming back at night to feed off the living.

My Favourite Characters: Sunako Kirishiki, of course. According to my friends, I act and talk exactly like her. ^^ I used to cosplay her when I was a teen.

My Favourite Episode: the first episode is poignant and gloomy enough for my liking.

Supernatural: The Anime Series


My Favourite Characters: Dean Winchester, because he is my soulmate and one true love.

My Favourite Episode: Everlasting Love, episode 8.

Hell Girl

Why You Should Watch: watching people curse other people over grudges is always amusing. Seeing them sent to Hell because of it is even more entertaining. 

My Favourite Characters: Ai Enma/Hell Girl, which makes up the trio of characters I have cosplayed before.

My Favourite Episode: the one with the creepy brother and sister.

Elfen Lied

Why You Should Watch: because it’s bloody and violent, and the song Lilium is considerably haunting.

My Favourite Characters: Mariko (# 35)

My Favourite Episode: all of them.

When They Cry – Higurashi


My Favourite Characters: Rika Furude the shrine maiden.

My Favourite Episode: first and second episodes.

Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

Why You Should Watch: a girl’s spirit trapped inside an antique glass inflicts mental torture on a student who becomes infatuated with her.

My Favourite Characters: Cossette.

My Favourite Episode: all 3 OVAs.

Death Note

Why You Should Watch: a notebook that causes death when you write down someone’s name – I wish that were possible.

My Favourite Characters: Yagami Light, because we have the same views and opinions about people. Also Ryuk! Ryuk is the first anime character that I ever fell in love with…okay that’s kinda gross, now that I think about it.

My Favourite Episode: all of them!


Why You Should Watch: Because Alucard is a REAL vampire, not that pathetic excuse of a bloodsucker like Edward-bloody-Cullen.

My Favourite Characters: Alucard, of course.

My Favourite Episode: all of them are worth watching.

Ghost Stories

Why You Should Watch: the English dub is freaking funny because the dialogue is racist and stereotypical and all-around hilarious. Don’t bother watching the original Japanese dub because it’s bloody boring.

My Favourite Characters: Momoko, the Born-Again Christian girl who isn’t afraid of anything. Best quote: haveyouacceptedJesusasyourpersonalsaviour? Seriously. She’s the scariest thing on the show.

My Favourite Episode: the episode with the bitchy doll.


Why You Should Watch: because it’s short and interesting and it’s about hide-and-seek.

My Favourite Characters: Oshira-sama, the nine-tailed fox spirit.

My Favourite Episode: it’s only got one episode.


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