I was in Pangasinan with my colleagues some time ago, to do some work stuff and also to take a historical tour of the area, kindly sponsored by their local government.

Here are the photos!

First stop was Sison Auditorium, to view Salvador Bernal’s art show – Salvador Bernal Designs the Stage. I’m so sad that Bernal has passed away already, because he is no doubt one of our greatest local talents. I think he used to be a national artist. When people watch movies or stage plays, they usually notice the actors only, right? Well, I notice the set designs and costumes too, so I appreciated Mr. Bernal’s work very much.

I like their chandelier haha.

I was asked to read one of Salvador Bernal’s poems! I refused at first, then decided that it would be a good way to honour him so I agreed. I’ve read poetry in public a few dozen times so I don’t get nervous about it (to tell the truth I very rarely get nervous during public speaking events anyway). I loved the poem.

This was the one blurry picture of me reading the poem. At least I still have a picture haha.

Here are some of Bernal’s costumes and stage designs!

I love museums and galleries โค

After Sison Auditorium, we headed to the Pangasinan Capitol Building. Was so pretty inside, almost like the White House! Even the stairway banisters were the same haha.ย 

Next stop was Urduja’s Palace. Until now, historians aren’t sure if Princess Urduja ever existed so she is still regarded as legendary. Kinda like Laguna’s Maria Makiling, I guess.

Oh, great. One of the few photos where I’m included and the guy in front decided it would be a good idea to cover my face. I was wearing such a pretty dress too! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Haha.

Part of the cultural presentation from University of Luzon. The dance troupe was pretty good! I was unimpressed with the choir, but to be fair it was a long day, and we were all pretty exhausted. The hall’s acoustics weren’t that good either.

So yeah, those are the photos from the Canon camera. I have more, but I can’t get them until I install fucking iTunes. So maybe later or tomorrow.

Have a nice day, y’all. Don’t forget your sunscreen or else you’ll end up sunburnt like I am.



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