Someone Asked A Friend to Describe Me, and This is What He Wrote

I saw this post again when I was lurking my old social media accounts, and I smiled when I saw this. Someone asked a friend of mine to describe me in detail, and this is what he wrote. I was happy because it’s pretty accurate, and I was amazed that he was that observant.

Text lifted directly from his answer, although text in Filipino has been translated to English.

Enjoy reading and getting to know me! 😛

1. Her height is 5 feet.
2. Her blood type is O negative
3. She doesn’t drink coffee.
4. Her handwriting sucks, but I think otherwise.
5. She moves around a lot when she sleeps.
6. She write stories everyday.
7. She graduated year 2011 and now works for the government.
8. She is allergic to peanuts and shellfish.
9. She gets nervous when people read her blog
10. She is scared of butterflies.
11. Doesn’t know how to ride a bike
12. Involuntary gadget breaker.
13. A Pokemon fan who played all the Pokemon versions.
14. Her favourite Pokemon is Gible.
15. You think scary games are scary? Watch her play.
16. Already drowned twice.
17. This girl can shoot guns and crossbows.
18 No love for sports.
19. Hated PE, English and Filipino subjects
20. She hates wearing shoes, prefers being barefoot or wearing flip-flops.
21. Doesn’t eat bitter melon
22. A sucker for Mernel’s cake.
23. She doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.
24. Loves sushi and sashimi
25. Has a hobby of collecting Pokemon figurines
26. Has 1 tattoo, 1 piercing.
27. Loves eating siu mai
28 An aspiring lawyer. Environmental lawyer.
29. She once cried because of kwek kwek. (Explanation: kwek kwek is a quail egg dipped in batter and deep-fried)
30 She loves black clothes
31. Knows how to bend spoons with thumb and fore finger
32. She doesn’t remember her dreams when she wakes up
33. When she was a kid, she wanted to be either a herpetologist or a jet propulsion engineer.
34. A fan of Japanese cuisine.
35. She owns a comforter with paw marks in it.
36. Enjoys hiking
37. I think she draws pretty well.
38. She turns into a sleepy zombie after meals. Haha.
39. She doesn’t have any close female friends
40. She loves pie.
41. She envies people with wavy hair.
42. Cuts her own hair
43. Gets freckles during the summer
44. Wears accessories if made for her but hates wearing jewelry
45. Her favourite band? Iron Maiden
46. She prefers Coke Slurpees/floats over lattes/frappes
47. Always goes for green tea frappe or soy chai tea latte in Starbucks.
48. Eats Milo/Ovaltine in powder for
49. Loves cupcakes
50. She’s really hard to wake up
51. Her nose bleeds when the weather’s too hot.
52. Likes Vans and Chucks
53. She would love to time travel to the Victorian Era.
54. Not your jealous type of girl
55. Wears black nail polish
56. Her nickname’s JD
57. Clumsy
58. Don’t like exercising
59. Her favourite name is Julian
60. She never wear sunglasses
61. She deletes all texts after reading them
62. She yawns when nervous
63. She loves arachnids.

There, do you think you know me now? Haha. Thanks for reading, and have a good day. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Someone Asked A Friend to Describe Me, and This is What He Wrote

      1. Indeed 🙂 If I may, except european festival, any other reasons to come there? I read you manage to travel in some other countries, then I thought for tourism. Anyway, if one day, you’ve got any questions, whatever the subject, even the weirdest one, please feel free to ask. I guess you’ve got my mail by the form. I could already told you, we don’t have any “kit kat green tea”. Well, at least at my place, I never saw that before. My turn to be envious. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. i don’t really have any other reason to go there except for the festival. but hey, Hellfest is in France, right? i’ve always wanted to attend that too! and mmm i don’t really see email addresses when people comment, but you can drop me an email anytime ^ ^ haha if you want green tea kit kats and any other weird flavours, we can do a chocolate exchange! 😛


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