Some Snapshots From My Life

So hello, once again. This is the first personal post I’ve made in a while, since I’ve been feeling too lazy to type. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some long-drawn post about my feelings 😛 my way of sharing little snippets of my life is through photographs, so here you go. 🙂

I hope you like my photos, and please enjoy reading!

Mirror shot because why not?

The trees outside are nice and leafless. It looks like winter – except, well, I live in a tropical island.

Tous les Jours waffle and apple tart. I bought them before remembering that I cannot eat foods with gluten anymore 😦 My stomach gets sharp pains whenever I consume food with gluten content. Sometimes, if it’s really bad, it can even make me throw up haha.

The usual mid-week traffic.

Chandelier. I like taking photos of light fixtures.

And the Sky Ranch Ferris wheel. I love Ferris wheels!

So yeah, that’s it. This was pretty lame, even according to my very lenient standards. Haha. But, as always, thank you for reading anyway. I promise I’ll write something more substantial next time.

Bye bye~



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